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As the seasonal interludes suggest, the book is meant to be a calendar: it keeps its own time, allowing Vanessa to take us through her days of caring for two dying parents and a possibly dying husband, while her daughter prepares to give birth to her first grandchild. In at least one regard, Fear of Dying is a true sequel to Fear of Flying: both books were written with a message in mind.

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Jong wanted to write a book that spoke to the truth of her experiences and the experiences of other women like her. In the 40th anniversary edition of Flying, she writes the introduction as a letter to her daughter and explains that she truly believed she needed to write this book.

For Jong and, and for me, we will write, and we will die. With Fear of Dying, Jong has chosen to confront the wrong fear: neither death nor sex are as scary as trying to find the words that describe these two universal destinations.

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If sex is anything besides sex, it is an internal clock used to keep time. Our memories fade, either by distance or drink or dissociation, but the hands keep ticking towards those two opposing goals.

A dirty mind

Sex frequently occurs only in our heads, as memories or fantasies built from the process of acquiring new secrets and perversions. The experience of our own deaths occurs forever as anticipation.

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I was reminded of a recent conversation where I told a friend a secret about my sex life. She was delighted.

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Filed under Culture Books. I can tell you from personal experience how disturbing it is to discover a website devoted to making fake audio clips of you — for comic or malevolent purposes. In the s, severe autism was thought to affect up to 10 children in 10, By , it was one child in But diagnostic criteria are more loosely applied. It was also meant to be satirical, Ms. Jong said, but was misconstrued as an endorsement of unbridled lust.

Jong, 73, said during an interview at her Upper East Side apartment.

Jong said. The story centers on Vanessa Wonderman, a former actress terrified of aging and death. She seeks escape from her sexless marriage to a much older man with erectile dysfunction by searching for lovers online. The surreal encounters that follow — an email exchange with a man who introduces himself by sending lewd photos, another who wants her to wear a black rubber suit, an unsatisfying hotel tryst with an old married flame — leave Vanessa reeling and worried that her sex life might be over. Some of Ms.

And renounces the zipless fuck for good.

Asher told Ms. Jong to expect sales of 3, copies, she recalled. Instead, the novel, about a young poet who travels to Vienna with her husband and attempts to live out her fantasies by having an affair, became a blockbuster and cultural touchstone. At first she tried to make an older, wiser Isadora the heroine.