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  1. Is It A Risk, A Cause, or A Consequence?.
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The disciplines that most thoroughly exploit spatial thinking about Earth's patterns are geosciences and geography. In general, geoscientists are more concerned about causes why the Earth is the way it is and geographers are more concerned about consequences implications of Earth's attributes for human society , but there is considerable overlap.

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  • The hypothesis templates of the earlier post, written by a geoscientist, are suited for extracting meaningful inferences about possible causes of spatial patterns. Could you construct similar templates for extracting meaningful inferences about consequences?

    Notes on sources: I first tried out this "causes" and "consequences" idea in a talk at a meeting on spatial thinking in geography education at the National Geographic Society in fall I thank the meeting participants for feedback on the idea, in particular the point that there is overlap between geosciences and geography in this regard. I got the idea about Appalachians as protection for North Americans--as well as a barrier for Europeans settlers--while trolling through Wikipedia. No primary source was provided. Your Account.

    Consequence and ‘Cause’: Thirteenth-Century Reflections on the Nature of Consequences

    Metabolites Quantitative Biology Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Epigenomics Genome-wide association studies Obesity Type 2 diabetes. References 1 Wahl, S.

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    Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. About this article. Further reading Impact of body mass index on tumor recurrence among patients undergoing curative-intent resection of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma- a multi-institutional international analysis Katiuscha Merath , Rittal Mehta , J. Marques , Luca Aldrighetti , Shishir K.

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    Maithel , Carlo Pulitano , Matthew J. Weiss , Todd W. Bauer , Feng Shen , George A.

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    Pawlik European Journal of Surgical Oncology Transcriptional differences between smokers and non-smokers and variance by obesity as a risk factor for human sensitivity to environmental exposures Maria Nikodemova , Jeremiah Yee , Patrick R. Carney , Christopher A. Download PDF. Nature Reviews Endocrinology menu. Nature Research menu.

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